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The following instructions are designed to provide all coaches with the necessary information they need to ensure that the fields are setup and torn down correctly, we don’t lose equipment, field setup is much easier for the next day, and there should be no question about who does what.  

Home Team:
First game of the day: Drag field (you should strive to drag between games also); Set mound (if applicable); Water field; Set bases and put base plugs near third base dugout. Please put the base dig-out tool back in shed for the next day. Note that for T-Ball, there are 50’ base plugs on the South field; Line infield—Use the lining string to get it straight. This line will be there the entire day; Overall, take pride in setting up a clean field.

Last game of day: Pull bases/put away and put in base plugs; Put any equipment (rakes, etc.) away and lock shed; Put away American Flag properly; Ensure that the Snack Stand is closed down properly and locked.  You are not responsible for the actual cleanup but must lock the stand.  Snack Stand volunteers do not have keys; Put away golf cart if applicable and make sure garage is closed/locked.

Visiting Team: 
First game of the day: Set-up fence. (Fence poles go on outside of the field. This will ensure you have the fence correct for each pole position. North Field – The fence is in three pieces – two blue and one short green. They're marked L and R on the tops of the posts and the left field post is orange as is the ground sleeve. Small green fence goes in center.  Remember that left field is determined by looking from home plate.  East Field – One-piece green fence.  The poles are labeled “L” and “R” for easy installation.  The fence should be rolled from the outsides in.)

Last game of the day: Pull fence (if Sunday or Tuesday for softball).  Otherwise generally the fences can stay up for next-day games.  Fence should be folded (not rolled) from the outside to the middle of the field and put in garage. Lock garage. Please take the time to do it cleanly as it makes the next setup much easier.)

Notes for all teams:
Please take care of base plugs.  Let’s see if we can keep them all season long.  Placing these back in base anchors allows the next team to find them easily.

When using the batting cages or any field, practice or games, if you are the last team OR no other team is in site (means no one else is around), put away bases, cover pitching machine, lock cages and sheds.  Please do not leave things open assuming someone else will do it for you. 

Pitching Machines in Cage--Iron Mike (Blue): Must be adjusted when turned off. Do not adjust while it is running.  Home Plate machine: If you need instructions, please ask.  This machine uses special low-seam baseballs.  Try and put them back in the machine for next use. Always cover the machines when not in use.


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